Disposable Oxygen Face Masks By Disposafe

The most frequently used medical disposable equipments include different things like IV Cannula, Catheter, Stop Cock, Syringes, oxygen masks and many other important tools.  The oxygen masks by Disposafe are usually used at hospitals and homes for easy supply of breathing air to the patient or during surgeries and treatments. It is a transparent mask that is made of soft food grade safe, non-toxic PVC material of the best quality available in the market. It is designed for complete comfort during use and comes with a 200 long star lumen kink resistant tube to ensure continuous flow of oxygen and has a swivel connector for patient comfort. The masks are designed while keeping in mind safety and health therefore they are sterilized with ETO and are completely Pyrogen free. It feels soft on the face and is perfect for long hours of usage with two variants- Adult and Paediatic. At Disposafe, with our international quality best-selling oxygen masks we put sincere efforts in improving our products with the help of latest technology that suit the needs of its users. We provide on time delivery to all our users with guarantee of superior quality. This is an innovative medical aid that is available to you at cost effective price with the best level of customer service. Get online and browse the best product as per your needs.

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